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Improved access to the mine.


In 2017 we launched an initiative to improve access to the mine. Initially this in the form of a proposed walkway to reconnect the original mine track. However this was refused under the SSSI designation of the site.

There is an alternative Public Right of Way which for some reason is not shown on Ordnance Survey maps.


This Right of Way commences on the left of the tarmac road which extends past the car park. Please note that this  is a Council public road (adopted road), although it only leads to the farm. The PROW starts on the left a short way up the road just past the holiday cabins on the right. The landowner has recently done a very good job of reinstating this path and we should all be grateful.


This ideally suits people using our mine for diving who can offload heavy equipment such as air tanks at the start of the PROW and then return their vehicle to the car park. This avoids the steep up and down climbs that exist on the old Craig y Dinas route.


Following a conversation with the landowner I can confirm that these cabins and adjacent parking will be available for divers wanting overnight stay and easy access. Interested persons should contact the owner for details and prices etc.

At this time however, (March 2022) the cabins are uncompleted. When finished, I hope to be able to supply contact details.



More details at:


You will need to click on Public Rights of Way and Adopted Roads




Start of the path




The path passes right by the old ropeway standards


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The Middle and Lower Dinas mines are not Pencaedrain property but belong to the Marquis of Bute. The Middle Dinas mine opens directly onto the PRO adjacent to the footbridge, however exiting the mine by its lower entry would be a trespass. Lower Dinas is on private property. The tarmac road which continues up past the Dinas Rock Car park is a public road, so anyone using Upper Dinas Mine can drive up and drop off kit and passengers, but please do not park up there unless this has been arranged with the landowner.